JVM Out of Perm Gen Space

EclipseI’m glad, recently i’ve found the reason why my Eclipse platform acted very annoying when i was working with my final project a year ago.  When i was developing Java Web Application using Struts 2 Framework, each time i added codes, which then it was automatically deployed to the Tomcat web server, i was given this error message “Out of Perm Gen Space“.Well, it’s not difficult to see that the Eclipse or Java Virtual Machine (JVM) needed more megabytes. But that time i couldn’t find the solution how i can worked things out, though after i searched in Google. Now when i’m working with JBoss Seam, i find it in JBoss tutorial page. Check this out.


Captured from here. By the way, isn’t it fun to find the solution of things that you just don’t understand before?

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