Kungfu: The Legend Continues

kung_fu_the_legend_continues-showKungfu: The Legend Continues. Yes, that’s the title of my favorite TV serial on RCTI back there in 1990s (what? that’s more than 10 years ago). It becomes my favorite at least for two reasons. First, i admire the old-wise-monk character, Kwai Chang Caine, which is a father of a 30-year-old LA cop. Though he’s not young anymore, he’s really good at kungfu and Tai Chi (CMIIW, in one of the episode, even bullets can’t stop him). He becomes a good father that always there for his growing-up son (hey, his son is 30 years old, what you mean growing-up?). In his calm way, Mr. Caine helps his son to solve the case, helps his son to find wife, and specially, teaches his son the wisdom of life from the spirit of Kungfu (okay, we can argue about this later). Misunderstanding between them who come from two different worlds –old and new world– happens everytime, but somehow they learn to understand each other. But please, don’t ask me why Mr.Caine misteriously dissapear¬† when he thinks he must go somewhere else after helping his son fighting the bad guys. Enough for Mr.Caine. The second reason is, in that time, RCTI is the only TV station that had ‘good’ TV serials, so let’s forget about having ‘Bioskop TransTV at night (gee, where are you living anyway? in what year?). Ok, back again to Mr.Caine (i mean, in the next paragraph).

Last week i read a news about the death of Mr. David Carradine,¬† the actor who played Kwai Chang Caine. Sad to hear that. His good role in that Kungfu serial made me interesting on Kungfu and Tai Chi (okay, for 10-years-old boy, a martial art that moves elegantly and still able to knock down the enemies without hitting hard on them, is very interesting). He produces several video lessons about Kungfu and TaiChi that makes him more famous. I bought one of them to learn Tai Chi (you can find it easily in Gramedia Book Store). It’s a good and easy-to-follow Tai Chi tutorial. If you think that doing slow movement in Tai Chi makes you fell that you’re part of old-ages doing the same thing at city park in the morning, than you’re half right. Young-ages should also practice their breathing, while at the same time, adjust their body movement with the harmony of the nature (hm, nice).

So, Mr.Carradine taught me Tai Chi years after “Kungfu: The Legend Continues” has gone throughout the history of my childhood. My sympathy to his family and relatives. Good bye, Mr. Caine.

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